Team:Engineered Masterclass

March 1st - 5th 2019 | Vision Villa Resort | Bali



At 21, with less than $1000, Jade Green made a radical life-changing decision: to be happy. Instead of allowing a difficult upbringing to define her and keep her down, she instead launched her first business and has climbed higher ever since. 

Equal parts entrepreneur, girly girl, and tomboy, for the last two decades she's steadily built an international reputation as a hard-charging, rule-breaking, high performance entrepreneur, as well as a woman's leader, speaker, transformational coach and Mindvalley Certified Trainer. 

Among other accolades, she's been recently honoured as one of StartUp Daily's Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40, received two Bronze International Stevie Awards for Women in Business (Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Women-Run Workplace of the Year), and her Search Firm, Velocity Consulting, was the very first business to receive investment from The Entourage Growth Fund. 

As a top figure in the recruitment industry, Jade noticed that, again and again, her most financially successful clients were also surprisingly unhappy. They made all the right moves, ticked all the right boxes, but remained fundamentally unfulfilled. Almost always, they'd look to her to help them figure out why.  

The difficult upbringing she escaped from, it turned out, was the very thing that allowed her to help others at an even higher level. Possessing a knack for "reverse engineering" all aspects of their life, they'd quickly gain clarity on why they were unhappy, but also what needed to change (and how) in order to design a business and a life they truly love. 

Jade took her own advice. Herself unhappy with a business focused solely on recruiting, she dissolved Velocity Consulting in favour of creating a new enterprise, Life: Engineered, whose purpose is to "make happier humans." This new consulting and edu-tech hub not only helps fast growth startup founders solve recruitment and human capital challenges, but also shares "blueprints for happiness" to be applied in other equally important areas of their lives.