Life is a CHOICE

It is what you CHOOSE

Meet Jade:

Internationally award-winning entrepreneur, rule breaker, and Reverse Engineering strategist. Jade helps you to discover the tools to build your business by your own design, to step out of the Soul Sucking Search for Significance, and do what lights you up inside.



Jade was the definition of successful. The obnoxiously bright sports car, the stunning apartment with a view of the Sydney harbour bridge, international awards, the most sought after investors and the husband she was "so lucky" to have. The turning point for Jade wasn’t a ‘point’ but a million bumps, smacks and hits along the way.

There were hard talks with her ego, books read and too many journals filled as she re-visited bringing purpose into her life to take the wheel in a way that made more sense to her soul.

If you don’t answer your soul’s call, the giant hole of emptiness in your gut never leaves, no matter how many cars, boards, boats, botox injections, houses or job titles you get. And Jade had got them all. When you understand that the wheel of working, grinding and achieving is just a soul-sucking search for significance in all the wrong places, you know it’s time to change.


Scared as shit but she had no choice. She felt like she’d discovered the truth and it hit her hard. Once she understood all the bullshit rules of society were not her rules, then the choice was made for her. We know life is a choice. It is what you choose. So she started to build her Life; Engineering exactly what she wanted. Not the things she thought she had to have. The things she wanted.

She questioned everything; what if being successful meant she could surf every morning, what if success is being able to go to every footy game with your family and have a team of happy humans all working towards the same outcomes? What if she could stop grinding for the sake of grinding, doing for the sake of doing and start living? 

And Life:Engineered was born.

Life:Engineered is about helping business owners and entrepreneurs to reverse engineer all aspects of their business and life so that they can get their people and profits under control and have more time and freedom.










Happiness is the greatest hack to productivity and profitability.

Choosing to listen and follow your path is the most courageous and brilliant choice Jade ever made but Jade isn’t special or different to you. It does take courage to make the choice to change, but we all have it, you just have to be willing to get out of your way. Jade is a presenter, facilitator and coach who has walked the path and now spends her time lighting up the path for others to Engineer their lives to live with more passion and profit.


With a story that blends humour and horror with a decent dose of inspiration and transformation,  Jade is often asked to present to business owners on how to find flow and get profits and people under control so that they can gain their time and freedom back.  A perfect mix of tomboy and sass, with a huge laugh and wicked sense of humour, Jade is known for her skills on personal branding, visible leadership and linkedin strategy.






Best selling author, learning junkie, spiritual being and adventurer, Jade has built an international reputation as a hard-charging, rule-breaking, high performance serial entrepreneur, speaker, and five dimensional coach. A certified trainer and facilitator for Mindvalley and The Genius Group (Entrepreneur Resorts, Entrepreneurs Institute & GeniusU) Jade is able to combine world class content and methodologies with two decades of experience building businesses.

The Barrels and Business Podcast delivers an entertaining hour or so {depends on the surf} to share inspiration and insights on the best surf spots in the world, quintessential quivers, product recommendations, worst wipeouts, kook kaos as well as discussions on the trials and tribulations of starting and scaling businesses. It’s not only the epic wins we discuss, we also dive into the failures and wipeouts in business, explore technology and life hacks and share tangible tips on how to build amazing business and an epic life.

The show is powered by Jade Green of Life:Engineered who believes there are six areas that contribute to being a 5 Dimensional Human: Business, Relationships,Wisdom, Health, Adventure and Spirituality.

Jade is on a mission to help busy business owners to remember that we are Souls here having a Human experience and to help them get people, profits and performance under control so that they can have more time and freedom to live their epic lives.

Partnering with other conscious ocean-loving business owners, we support the environment and the meat suits we are wearing in this lifetime. Jade is here to shine the light on real strategies to save the ocean and reuse, reduce and recycle our everyday items to have a more eco friendly and health conscious way of being.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others say  about Jade

I have had the pleasure of both mentoring Jade and seeing her as a Mentor.

Her knowledge is broad, however more so in HR, social media and the mindset of a master is exceptional and I urge anyone to contact Jade who is looking to grow both personally and in business.

Rorry Callaghan

An expert in her field

“Jade’s knowledge on business, personal identity and how to become a visible leader in your industry makes her an invaluable asset to you and your team.”

Rose Tafoya

Where do I start? What a beautiful soul.

“I have seen Jade fill a room with 50-100 entrepreneurs in a week's notice with authenticity and heart. I have presented with her at retreats and workshops, seeing her help expose people's uniques identities. She then empowers them to convey that to the world with attractive ease and grace.”

Tomas Nutil

Jade is a shining star with so much heart and expertise in building your business and teams.

“Her spark is motivating and her creativity is beyond 5 stars. You want to know Jade and I highly recommend her if you need assistance with anything about business strategy.”

Jade is a rare leader and mentor, combining her entrepreneurial expertise with her global community of conscious leaders and her fabulous energy. Whether you're looking for guidance on the latest LinkedIn strategies or mentorship on how to grow your enterprise, I highly recommend Jade!

Roger Hamilton


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