Reserved for those brand new to Life Engineered. Not just a classic discovery call. We sketch out your current business or life situation, and leave you with one or two inspired actions to start designing your ideal future. 

15 Minutes $35.00 (USD)


For anyone seeking better clarity on a particular business or life problem. A full half hour of top-level assessment, finished off with expert advice and one or two strategic actions to recalibrate a part of your world. 

30 Minutes $154.00 (USD)





Engineer (1 -Hour)


Be Extraordinary

For those with a complex or urgent problem which requires expert attention to fully unpack and understand what’s really happening, what’s at stake, and exactly what to do next. 

1 Hour $269.00 (USD)

Our most spirited session. We take big problems and resolve them using a signature process we call reverse engineering. Like previous sessions, we sketchmeasure, and calculate, yet add an expert bespoke Blueprint to re engineer what’s possible in your life and business. 

2 Hours $460 (USD)

Special service reserved for those who have completed one or more Blueprint sessions. You may pre-purchase and "bank" Jade's time for continued support and strategic implementation of any aspect of your business or life Blueprints. By purchasing at least three hours of ENGINEER TIME, you'll be automatically added to Jade's "Executive Circle" and receive priority attention when you need it most. 

$269 (USD)

3 month coaching package based on the one day seminar by created by Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley , Be Extraordinary takes ideas from numerous legendary teachers at Mindvalley and unifies them in an elegant model for understanding your role in the world and how to perform at peak levels by learning:

  • An optimized practice of Meditation and performance improvement rooted in science.
  • A unifying philosophy for understanding your role in the world and the meaning of your life.
  • Methods to rapidly access enriched states of mind including happiness, confidence, vision and peace.

This coaching package supports the seminar that has the synthesis of over 25 years of Vishen’s study and wisdom-gathering from history’s most extraordinary individuals and plus results of experimentation with numerous personal growth methodologies and frameworks.

Vishen work led to Mindvalley, the personal growth company behind many of today’s top personal growth authors and programs. It also led to the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”, which became an international best-seller and was’s #1 book in the world across all categories for several days in 2017.

Who Is this For

The seminar and follow up coaching is for people who know they are destined for greatness, but may be struggling to live a life of meaning right now. For those who desire to do amazing things but are caught in a few negative patterns and need that something to help them break out.

Becoming Extraordinary takes you through all the essential Mindvalley philosophies and ties together the best teachings from all the top Mindvalley authors. You’ll learn how to integrate Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude, Advanced Goal Setting, Creative Visualization and Intention into your daily life.

It goes into the depths of your conscious and makes you aware of your “brules”, habits, and mindsets that are holding you back in life. It gives you a practical toolkit, backed up by science, for you to rewire your brain and see you life accelerate in the direction of your wildest dreams

$3,949 (USD)