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Be Extraordinary | 1 Day Seminar


Becoming Attractive  | Using social media to attract talent & clients TO you

Did you know that 67% of a buyers journey is done digitally. 
74% of B2B + 84% of C level use social media (mainly LinkedIn) to make a purchasing decision and consumes at LEAST 5 pieces of someone’s content before deciding to buy.

In this 4 week Mastermind you will:
•Understand why it is imperative you have a strong personal brand and how social selling affects your ability to close sales & attract talent
•Gain a blueprint on how to update your LinkedIn profile to have maximum impact
•Discover how to gain testimonials that will position you as an employer and supplier of choice
•Learn specific techniques on how to increase you Social Selling Index
•Take action So that you can start actively attracting  business TO you
•Develop a outreach campaign to reach out directly to talent, customers and partners
• Gain access to Jade’s LinkedIn Sacred Circle. 
The Sacred Circle is ONLY for those 100% committed to growing their network, gaining organic traffic and harnessing the power of social selling. The Sacred circle is we band together to hack LinkedIn’s algorithms.

Kick off is August 7th

$247 (USD)

A | R | M is a revolutionary new system that helps the founders of fast growth start-ups ATTRACT the best possible talent, fast & profitably, RETAIN them in the business, with effective onboard and training, minimising staff turnover and MAXIMISE their potential by creating company cultures that result in higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans.

In our Work Well For Wealth sessions we:
Form the steps you need to take to stop over captialising in your business so that you can grow with an impact to the market and profit to the business at the very same time
Re-engage your business and personal self, the best use of your skills, your personal traits and ideation abilities, and incorporate them to influence your ability to be able to retain the right type of staff to the business
Create your Human Capital Blueprint, plan and execute the exact success strategies your business needs to be able to grow leveraging your team
Unlock your business three key force questions Why You, Why Now, Why Them, that lead to interactive discussions with the best choice candidates for the role you need to fill
Build your limitless employer brand, so you can attract the top talent, even steal them away from your competitors
Procure and prime process management, start new staff to the business effortlessly, without that lag in downtime that costs you money
Develop your own version of the four-step system that allows for long term staff retention. 
Create your Lead From The Front Legion, incorporating this into the business enables your staff to develop themselves and their skills from the first day that begin working for you!
Uncover your ‘Freedom Number’ for your business.
Re-establish what success really looks like for you, beyond societies conventions, through to true abundance and psychic consciousness

Be Extraordinary is a transcendent 1 day seminar that empowers you to bend reality and live an extraordinary life – all through Mindvalley’s powerful framework for elevating your level of consciousness.

The Be Extraordinary One Day Seminar Swings Open The Doors To A Life Beyond Ordinary… By Harnessing Aspects Of The Human Mind Most People Are Yet To Wake Up To

Created by Vishen Lakhiani, Be Extraordinary takes ideas from numerous legendary teachers at Mindvalley and unifies them in an elegant model for understanding your role in the world and how to perform at peak levels by learning:

  • An optimized practice of Meditation and performance improvement rooted in science.
  • A unifying philosophy for understanding your role in the world and the meaning of your life.
  • Methods to rapidly access enriched states of mind including happiness, confidence, vision and peace.

This seminar has the synthesis of over 25 years of Vishen’s study and wisdom-gathering from history’s most extraordinary individuals and plus results of experimentation with numerous personal growth methodologies and frameworks.

Vishen work led to Mindvalley, the personal growth company behind many of today’s top personal growth authors and programs. It also led to the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”, which became an international best-seller and was’s #1 book in the world across all categories for several days in 2017.

What’s Covered in the One Day Event

Be Extraordinary takes place in multiple locations around the world. During the event you’ll experience and learn the following:

1. The 6 Phase Meditation

The Advanced protocol for the 6 Phase Meditation. Vishen Lakhiani’s meditation method designed for optimized human functioning, popularized in the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”

2. The 3 Most Important Questions

The 3 Most Important Questions for goal setting and building a vision for your life that is free from the brules (bull*hit rules) of societal conditioning. It’s a way to strike goals that are true to your own desires and calling – and not influence from the culturescape.

3. Teachings From Mindvalley’s Top Authors

Integrated philosophies for understanding the world and realizing your own potential. The seminar weaves and ties together powerful ideas from many of Mindvalley top teachers including Alan Watts, Michael Beckwith, Emily Fletcher, Srikumar Rao and Neale Donald Walsch.

Applications of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion as a daily practice to heal past trauma, reshape your worldview and create a more solid positive mindset.

Who Is this For

This seminar is for people who know they are destined for greatness, but may be struggling to live a life of meaning right now. For those who desire to do amazing things but are caught in a few negative patterns and need that something to help them break out.

Becoming Extraordinary takes you through all the essential Mindvalley philosophies and ties together the best teachings from all the top Mindvalley authors. You’ll learn how to integrate Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude, Advanced Goal Setting, Creative Visualization and Intention into your daily life.

It goes into the depths of your conscious and makes you aware of your “brules”, habits, and mindsets that are holding you back in life. It gives you a practical toolkit, backed up by science, for you to rewire your brain and see you life accelerate in the direction of your wildest dreams.